Week 5

    Hey all,

    Thank you so so much for everyone’s help and encouragement last night. Meets cannot run without parent involvement and you all rocked it last night. It makes our jobs as coaches so much easier and is very much appreciated 😊 Swimmers dropped time, some added, but as long as everyone had fun- that’s all that matters at the end of the meet!


    • 1.Don’t forget to pick up ribbons. Indigo Park just provides “Participant” ribbons for all exhibition swimmers so I will attach a copy of the results so your swimmer(s) can see what place they finished in after scoring swimmers.
    • 2.Times are getting closer to qualifying times. Please take a glance at the times report attached. I only change the “red” time if your swimmer dropped time. I update the other times for whatever their time at the meet was.
    • 3.Thank you to everyone for respecting the coaches and what they are trying to accomplish. We have seen a lot of improvement and are very proud of all your swimmers.
    • 4.It’s only WISC kids at practice this week so it’ll be quieter (we’ll miss the Villages kids) and a lot smaller ratios.
    • 5.You all have done great at letting me know which meets you’ll miss but don’t forget to email it so I can take them out at the time I receive the email. If you tell me in person, I’m VERY likely to forget. Sorry!!


    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday practices are at WISC from 6:30-8pm this week. Friday practice, which is optional, will be at the Villages of Westminster pool from 7-8pm.

    Practices will be lighter next week with maybe only a couple coaches at each practice. I will send an email update once everyone is confirmed.

    Next Meet

    July 2nd

    Village Green Pool

    713 Village Green Pkwy

    Newport News, VA 23602

    Arrive: 5ish (to get events, written on hands, etc)
    Warm up: 5:30- 5:40pm for 8&under, 5:40-5:55 for 9&up

    Meet Start: 6pm

    Volunteer link: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10c0d4daaac2fa5ff2-2018

    Quick directions: Get on 64-E, get off at 256A, Turn right onto Village Green Pkwy about a mile down. The pool is at the end.

    There is limited parking so carpool if possible or plan to drop swimmers off and then trek once again. Seating is also not guaranteed (we’re spoiled at WISC) so make sure to bring chairs. There is a playground but I caution swimmers to be careful to avoid silly injuries. Don’t forget cash for concessions. They usually have pizza and chickfila among other quick items.

    Don’t forget to sign up for “Remind” if you have not already so that you can receive text updates! Text “@swimWISC” to 81010

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