Directions to VOW!

    Villages of Westminster

    4820 Wellesley Blvd

    Williamsburg, VA 23188

    Approximate directions from WISC:

    • 1.Go out by the basketball court/ football stadium
    • 2.Turn right onto Centerville Rd
    • 3.At the stoplight, turn right onto Richmond Rd
    • 4.Pass the entrances to 199
    • 5.You will see a large billboard on your right
    • 6.Turn onto Wellesley that is just past that (there is a sign at the entrance of their neighborhood)
    • 7.Once your turn in, follow the road up and at the curve- you will see the pool on the right

    If going today, call Nathan is you need help finding it.

    If you’re going tomorrow, feel free to call me.


    • -Practice is at WISC Friday! It’s optional and will focus a lot more on technique in the small pool. There will only be Coach Lily and Coach Nathan (I am teaching a lifeguard course)
    • -I will send out an email within the next day or so for next week’s practices, events, etc 😊

    As always, feel free to reach out with anything.

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